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100 years after the Meteos probelm was fixed...
The planet Gigagush was getting frustrated. Earth had promised an H2O shipment 20 years ago and Gigagush had not seen any signs of it coming. Gigagush lashed out at Earth in rage, with a launch of Meteos. The Earthlings struggled to fight back, but a Soul Meteos burned through a crucial stack, and all hope was lost. The ancestors of those who helped fight in the Meteos war were immediately evacuated to Geolyte. The rest did not have time, for the planet nova had engulfed them in fire and annihilated them just an incinerator would do...

400 years later, the war between the Gigagushers and the Earthlings had been long forgotten, and there was peace once more... until many people had been disappearing and coming back with missing limbs, as if they had been burned off. They had said they were in the planet nova, and did not know how they got there. A Chozo elder, saved from the depths of Zebes long ago, was a master astrologist. He claimed there was something wrong with the space-time continuum... you are nearby, and can overhear the conversation.
Geolyte Scientist: "Hmm... Hevendor usually keeps the space-time continuum in tact in case somebody tries time travel..."
Chozo Elder: "We must alert the military and train people for battle against this great force. I will have my warriors and scientists help you out, but, as of now, we must recruit soldiers!"
He turns around and sees you.
Chozo Elder: "You, there. Forgive me for asking such a task, but would you be willing to help us?"
You nod as if you don't understand the problem.
Chozo Elder: "Here, take this. It is the legendary Chozo Power Suit, infused with Earth's battlechip technology. Beams made for this suit are hard to come by these days."
He turns back to the scientist.
Chozo Elder: "We must spread word throughout the galaxy!"
The scientist nods and they run off. A luminoth soldier approaches you.
Luminoth: "Ah, that suit. It looks so familiar. That...that's the suit that saved my people 500 years ago! The legendary Chozo Power Suit! You must be chosen to save the galaxy... yes, the honour has been passed down from Samus to you... I am A-Mos, grandchild of the last sentinel of planet Aether. I deem you good luck. Take these battlechips and I will tell you a story passed down by my ancestors."
You take the battlechips. There are 50 of them.
A-Mos: "Wonderful...legend has it that long ago, when we, the Chozos, and a few other races including the Alimbic were wandering the universe, looking for a home, we came across a peculiar celestial body... we looked it over to find out that held DNA for every living species in the universe to date. One of the other races created a species out of it, and named it Mew after the odd noise it made. The Alimbic thought it posed a threat if evil got hold of it and sent it to the edge of the universe. A few cycles later, we Luminoth secretly set a lock on the comet, one that would only open if Earth, Fire, Water, and Air hit it all at once... one can only assume that the lock has been broken now, and some evil force has merged with the DNA. Do you understand?"
You shake your head profusely.
A-Mos: "I understand... you need not know the story, as long as you know your place in the vast emptiness of the universe. Now, go. There is a piece missing for our rocket. It is in the forest lake. We had it a few days ago... this must be the work of the evil force..."
You get up and head on your way to get it, not knowing this is a beginning of a vast adventure that will take you across the skies, the heavens, the galaxy, the universe, and life itself. Sign up for the challenge at #MMBCC. You need an IRC Client to join. The server is OR you can join Start your journey when it opens, and be the first to experience it!