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12:20 May 20, 2006
The news mysteriously fell off the clipboard. Odd. Well, it wasn't like I lost a whole bunch of data. The Chip Data is still not complete, but it is all that is left to complete. I will work on 50 chips a day, for a total of roughly 11 days.

11:15 June 2, 2006
Roughly 16 hours and 10 minutes after I completed the database and added 12 new chips. For future reference, if your chip is not listed, you will have to place the number of the chip in the address bar (eg: 549.html). This is probably because it is too rare. I also fine tuned the database a little at this time.

15:46 June 2, 2006
Added a description of each panel type.

15:30 June 6, 2006
Corrected an error in the chip library. (229.html)

~20:30 July 6, 2006
Corrected errors concerning TreeBom1 (020.html) and TreeBom2's (021.html) paths.

13:40 July 7, 2006
Fixed an error in the chip library (022.html), corrected typo on (210.html), uh... "changed" (313.html), (425.html), (426.html), (427.html), (428.html), (429.html). Added new NaviCust Program (SS.html), updated the NaviCust list (programs.html), and fixed a link error on Ninja Strike (RR.html).

Sometime on July 17, 2006
Started working on part 2 of the RPG. The name will be MegaMan Battlechip Adventure: Meteos Surface Strikers (MSS for short). The game will take you across the galaxies and ultimately fight an evil force terrorizing the space-time continuum. It takes place roughly 500 years after MMBCA. The game will play like a mixture of Shining Force, Pokemon, and MegaMan Battle Network (maps, stats, and folders). There will be cyberspace included in it. I'll add in a few extra planets.

10:30 August 1, 2006
Added the true ending to MMBCA. I will not link solely for the sake of spoilers. You will get the link after completing the game.