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The storyline is kinda shoddy, but it will do, right? Here it is:
The PET notifies you of your mail. It reads:
"Meteor showers for the fourth time this week! Check them out at 8:00 PM on Channel 10!"
Time passes by...
Mom: "Come down for supper! We're going to watch the meteor shower on the TV."
You go downstairs and have a bountiful supper, then the Channel 10 Live News comes on.
"Welcome, viewers! For the fourth time this week, we will be showing live coverage of the meteor shower. Here's the first round!"
You see sparkling colours flying through the sky, behind the moon. The 'oohs' and 'ahs' from people at the hill are heard over the TV. Half an hour later, something interesting happens.
"*faintly, from cameraman* Those meteors are getting bigger, don't ya think?"
The reporter nods sagely.
Reporter: "Here's the next round!"
You see the meteors fly past, and...
...straight into and through the moon.
Silence befalls everything.
Minutes later, the moon collapses into itself and the remains start heading toward the Earth.
A week passes by before you get another email.
The email reads:
"Tune in to Channel 10 News for live coverage of the situation at hand @ ANSA!"
You are called down for supper. Again. Once again, you obey your orders.
Yet another bountiful meal. Ah, here's the news.
Reporter: "We're here, live, at ANSA where we have with us: Ace Official: Eugene Chaud;  Ace Netbattler and Electopian hero: Lan Hikari; his father, PET Maker: Dr. Hikari; and infamous scientist: Dr. Regal, along with some run of the mill, average ANSA rocket scientists. First, we'll talk to Dr. Hikari.
Dr. Hikari, what is your opinion on this?"

Dr. Hikari: "Well, I think we're going to have to get to the bottom of this and then plan a course of action."

Dr. Regal: "Hikari, we don't have time for that. Those meteors are getting closer and closer everyday. We have to follow them and take out their source. I'm sure Ace Official and Ace Netbattler agree with me as well."
*camera goes to Chaud*
Chaud blinks at the suggestion. "I have my own ways. How do we even know we can reach their source?"
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