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Toadman: "We are now switching the sound input channel to the real world."

Ribitta: "Testing, is it working? Good!"

PET: "Oh, we've finally made contact! That means you haven't been devastated by the Meteos yet! We'll get straight to the point: it may sound corny, but, if three of the same type come together, the molecules fuse and make it one, big solid. It also causes an ignition that fires it away from the planet with great force! Quick, get all your machines that are best for towing object together on standby. We've been tracking the Meteos, and in a matter of... hold on, we're studying your rotation pattern... mm-hmm. Very similar. In a matter of hours, the Meteos will strike. Be ready to strike back."

Chaud: "You heard the being. Gather all the Fords and bring them to the outskirts of Creamland. This is a Code White emergency."

Megaman: "We've gotta do something, Lan!"

Lan: "Right! Jack In, MegaMan.EXE!"

Megaman reaches the area. The cameraman doesn't bother to change the mike input.

Megaman: "Quick! Link us to the source so maybe I can shut it down!"

PET: "Are you sure? It's pure chaos over there."

Megaman: "Nothing is too much trouble for us. Right, Lan?"

Lan: "Mmhmm!"

PET: "If you insist..."

Megaman warps to the source.

Megaman: "Whoa! Look at all the viruses. Lan, you ready?"

Lan: "Sure am. Battle routine, set!"

Megaman: "Execute! Take this you pesky creatures! One down, two down, Lan! They're coming in faster! There's too many! Aaaah! I'm jacking out!"

Lan: "What?! Arrrrgh."

Protoman comes in with a slice and deletes the crowd of viruses.

Megaman: "Protoman! Thanks!"

Protoman: "Hmph. Just get rid of them."

They fight off the viruses until they come in a large abundance.

Protoman: "Ugh! Master Chaud! Permission to jack out!"

Chaud: "Permission granted." He walks to the camera. "This is a message for all Netbattlers. Take the quest for the Star License and help us fend off the swarm of viruses. You can get your licenses at our Navi Community Centre in downtown Kotobuki."

Will you rise to challenge? Can you save the planet? Go to
#MMBCC to join the force! (enter MMBCC into the bottom field, and your nickname into the top)
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