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Getting Started

Step One:
mIRC or go to http://www.dynastynet.net/chat.php

Step Two:
If you downloaded mIRC: Fill in the necessary fields and find the server "DynastyNet-IRC" or "SorceryNet". Select it and click Connect.

If you chose to use java: Enter the name you want to use in the top field, and enter "MMBCC" in the bottom field.

Using the Program Deck

You have 12 slots in your program deck:

9 regular battle slots
1 NaviChip slot
2 Special Slot-In slots

Here's the diagram:

R                C1
      A1<      C2
N<        B2<
      A2<      C3
L                C4

During battle, the slots are randomly selected using a special formula:

N to A1/A2
A1 to B1/B2
B1 to C1/C2
B2 to C2/C3
A2 to B2/B3
B3 to C3/C4

Whatever the path chosen is the chips you will use, in the order of A to C, then your Navi's attack.

You have limited space for the 9 regular slots. R and L slots are independant and have a different amount of space. N can only be occupied by NaviChips, which will determine how much space you have.

­You are also limited to using codes that you have access to, either by means of the base five or Code Expand.­

With each chip, you may opt to choose a target, use without targetting, or charge your gauge, instead. Panels may affect these decisions.­


A new feature implemented to tie this closer to the root Battle Network series is an actual battlefield. Usually, you start at B2.

Due to turn-based nature, moving takes place at the very end of the turn. When you can move, you are forced to move. The base steps per turn is 1, but "Two Step" adds an extra (again, forced) per instance.

For information on how each panel affects movement, refer to this location.


Most of you know this already, but you can't place "Block" programs on the command line, "Solid" programs have to go on the command line to work, two programs of the same colour cannot be placed side-by-side, and you have a maximum of 4 different colours (can be any 4 colours). The latter can be changed with a special item.



When exploring areas, there is a set number of paces between two checkpoints. You will be told how many paces it is. Each pace has a 10% chance of starting a virus battle. You can run around one checkpoint to attract viruses, but the minimum amount of paces at once is 10. You will get an extra set of prizes for every 10 paces more you choose (unless you use a party member).

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