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Scientist 1: "Well, we've done wide-range scans and we've found cyberspace to be, not only on our planets, but in outer space, as well."

Lan: "Really? Cool! Hey, Megaman! Why don't we go bust some space virus butt?"

Megaman: "Lan, you're getting off topic again."

Lan: "Oh, yeah. Sorry."

Scientist 2: "Sir Regal, we've just established an unknown connection. What should we do?"

Regal turns to look. Camera follows. "Where's it coming from?"

Scientist 2: "The IP Address is non-intelligible. It's coming from outer space."

Regal: "Run it through the translator. Maybe we'll get something."

Scientist 2: "Yes sir."
The camera zooms to the screen.
Scientist 2: "'Could not translate'. We do not have enough information.

Scientist 3: "We're in for luck. There's a new batch, and, boy, is it large."

Scientist 2 runs it through the translator. "It's working!"

The camera zooms back onto the screen. It reads:
"If you got this message, you are probably the next target for the dreaded phantasmagoric stream of what we call Meteos. Please respond to this. Our translators can surely decode what you send us. We will then set up a direct connection."
They all stare in amazement at the message. Finally, Lan speaks up.

Lan: "So, who should be the one to respond?"

The doctors "Hm" and look at Lan.
They whisper something to each other.
Dr. Hikari: "We believe that Chaud should be the one to respond. Are you up for it, Eugene?"

Chaud: "I'm up for anything you hand me. Move aside."

Chaud walks up to the monitor. "Jack In, Protoman.EXE!"

Ribitta suddenly pops in.

Ribitta: "Sorry, but I'll take it from here. Jack In, ToadMan.EXE! We are continuing our live coverage, but what you see will be the Net."

ToadMan: "Thank you. Now, we're here with ProtoMan at ANSA Monitor. Protoman, do you have any comments?"

Protoman: "No, I do not. This is what I do because Master Chaud tells me. No matter how dangerous the task, we shall pull through."

Toadman: "Bold words, spoken from a true warrior. They seem to have the link setup now."

Program: "Please step onto the warp."

ProtoMan steps on, and shortly afterwards, Toadman.
An object appears in front of them. A voice is heard through it.

Protoman: "Activating the translator, sire."
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